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Visiting Senegal

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Citizens of most European countries, The United States of America and Canada do not need tourist visas. The US Dollar is approximately 560 Francs for 1 US dollar. The currency used in Senegal is the Franc CFA. The exchange rate is a fixed rate of 1 Euro=655 Francs. Mostly all banks and local currency exchange facilities throughout the country will convert Dollars, Euros, British pounds, etc. to Francs.

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Emergency Care

Emergency repatriation and medical care in Senegal are mainly provided by two private medical services. These services operate with mobile equipped and life-support ambulances that can cover the whole territory and, if needed, are assisted in their task by the civilian maritime and air services to reach remote areas. Be sure to visit your primary care physician for the recommended vaccinations beforehand. There are several private clinics well equipped to handle any medical emergency.

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Cellular & Internet Access

Someone Using a Tablet on the Beach Senegal is one of the most developed countries in West Africa when it comes to cellular service and Internet access. Rest assured that you will be able to use your cell phone, check your email, and browse through your favorite websites while in Senegal. You will also find a large number of accommodations for your stay — from luxury resorts to hotels — that respond to international standards. If being close to nature is your ideal lodging, there are also campsites in and around the national parks and reserves, as well as bungalows in some of the sites.


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