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Outdoors & Activities

The Great Outdoors & Activities

Senegal's national parks — some of which are named UNESCO World Heritage Sites — are an adventurer and nature lover's dream. From the regal baobab trees to the colorful birds that take to the sky, Senegal is also an ornithologist's paradise. People of all backgrounds can get a natural high from the culture and atmosphere of Senegal.

Large Group of Pelicans


Bird-watchers will catch a glimpse of everything, from flamingos to egrets, pelicans to ostriches, as well as the more than one hundred species of birds on the mainland or on one of the islands just off the coast. Niokolo Koba, the biggest national park, has more than eighty mammal species including, lions, hippopotamus, buffalo, gazelles, and many types of monkeys.

Eco-tourists can enjoy the pristine mangroves, home to nearly fifty various types of animals, in the National Park of Lower Casamance. Also, enjoy the diverse ecosystem of the Sine Saloum deltas, where mangroves, mudflats, sandy islets, dry forests, and lagoons make for incredible environmental tours.

Well-known by European divers for the amazing variety of fish that abound in its waters, Senegal offers exceptional snorkeling, particularly around Goree Island and the Madeleine Islands off Dakar. Bring your camera to capture the everlasting and joyful memories of your adventure in Senegal — they will be some of your most outstanding souvenirs for sure!

Bandia Common Eland Giraffes
Woman at the Market Beach Goree Island House of Slaves


Nothing captures the spirit of a country like the authentic handicrafts of its people. The collector and bargain-hunter in you will revel at the exquisitely carved gold, silver, and bronze jewelry, antique beads, and authentic amber necklaces found in markets and antique shops throughout the country. With baskets, pottery, hand-woven fabrics with incredibly intricate patterns at great buys, you can practice your haggling and come away with a unique shopping experience.

Painters depict the daily life of the population with humor and talent in vivid colors and a naive style. These unique, affordable paintings and wood artifacts make beautiful souvenirs with which to remember your visit. With each region offering its own traditional crafts, you will not only be supporting the artisans and their livelihood, but also indulging in duty-free shopping in areas like St. Louis, Tambacounda, Ziguinchor and Kaolack, outside of Dakar.

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Local Dining
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Senegal is a country of celebration, music, and festivals that boasts some of the best musical nightlife experiences ever. Senegalese performers include world-renowned musicians such as Youssou N'Dour and Baaba Maal. Some of the largest cultural events include the following:

  • The World Festival of Negro Arts (FESMAN)
  • The DAK'ART (Biannual Festival of the Arts)
  • The National Festival of Arts & Culture (FESNAC)
  • The Saint-Louis Jazz Festival (in May)
  • The Dance Festivals Kaay Fecc & Kaay Fecc Xalé for Children
  • Music Ebène Festival
  • Fashion Week
  • Gorée
  • The Africa Fête Festival
  • The Hip Hop Awards
  • Africa Live