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A trip to Senegal: it equals adrenaline-packed adventure and time to bond with your loved ones. From its beautiful beaches and forests to its animal sanctuaries and archaeological history, Senegal is very diverse to meet the needs of any person. Leave the culture-filled country happier, refreshed, and stress-free once you visit.

Dakar is the capital of Senegal with nearly four million inhabitants and is a very cosmopolitan city. The country itself is well placed in business dealings across the world and holds many relations with the world banks. French is the official language, but English is also spoken.

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About Senegal

Senegal is a former French settlement in Western Africa, centrally located on the coast. Being a stable country, it is the gateway to Africa. Senegal has a rich, diverse history, and the country has 15 million inhabitants and a wide variety of attractions. Senegal's government is similar to the United States; it is democratic with a term limit on the president of five years.

Senegal also has many higher education universities, and its technology is top-of-the-line. It has everything from well-known models to movie productions. And, Senegal is in good standing with all of the different countries across the world.


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