Tourist or compatriot, come share your memories of "Teranga" with us. We're inviting you to send us pictures so that everyone can enjoy and celebrate the many faces of Sénégal.

Teranga has a powerful hold on our memories....

Remember your schooldays and how excited you were when the school year was over; finally, you could visit relatives near Saint Louis.

That is in Teranga.

Nowhere else.

Remember the family you left behind?

Making new friends can never steal your heart's longing for them.
Ah, yes, Teranga!

Remember your dad getting together with his brother and a few good friends? The talk, the laughs, the prayers....

You used to shake your head and wonder what these old men could possible have to talk about.

We know what you'd give just to be there with them now.

My Teranga!

Remember when you were small, that massive crush you had on the kid who was too shy even to look at you?

Remember how you'd have your mother make ngalax, just so you could share?

Those were the days in Teranga.

Remember going to watch Laamb and enjoying the ceremonies leading up to the match?

No other country has those; only Teranga.

Always, always there is Touba and the memory of Cheik Amadou Bamba M'backe.
Endurance and faith in the face of adversity.
That, indeed, is the heart of Teranga!
Well, when the longing for Teranga becomes more than you can bear;
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