Ibrahima Seck is a Serere from Sénégal, West Africa. He is multi-lingual, speaking his native tongue, French, and English. The artist, Ousseynou Sarr, introduced Ibrahima Seck to painting in 1970. Ousseynou Sarr is a professor of artistic education at Dakar Arts Institute, and has been living and painting in Paris, France, for more than ten years mentoring Seck.

Ten years ago, Seck went back to his home to devote himself to his art. His inspiration and his edeas are reflections of his Serere tribe's life, the echo and inward rituals of his ethnic resonance of song and the beauty of West Africa. Seck is most famous for his painting "Les Ndiouli En Circonsis".


The African American Art Show, 1998, Los Angeles, for Black History Month, sponsored by Amadou Thiam. On display was "The Village".

Arts Competition at the Ministry of Culture, Sénégal, 1983. Sponsored by the Minister of Culture, Alioune Sene. The painting "La Famille" received first place.

Arts Competition at the University of Dakar, Dakar, Sénégal, 1980. The painting "Danse du Guerrier received first place.

The Acronym Competition at the Dakar French Cultural Center, 1978. The painting "Rencontre" received first place.

Each of Seck's works is an original piece, the dimension of which is 20 x 30; the price of each piece is $1,200. Pices can be delivered nationwide with a minimum payment of $500 received before delivery. Delivery is within three business days.

To secure an appointment for a showing of Seck's work, call: 213-461-1023.
To purchase his work, contact:
Almamee Gallery
435 1/4 N. Van Ness Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90004

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