A long strip of land about 24 miles wide, Casamance extends well over a hundred miles from west to east. In contrast, with the rest of the country, Casamance offers the richness of a mosaic perpetually renewed by its landscapes.

It is 5:00 pm, and the fishermen are coming back to shore in their brightly decorated dugout canoes, leaping over the foamy waves. This is the best time to discover Cayar, one of the main fishing villages.
The capital of Senegal and seat of the government, Dakar is situated on the tip of the Cap Vert peninsula and has about 1,500,000 inhabitants. In a matter of a few years, Dakar has been transformed into a large modern city
Eastern Senegal is one of the best kept secrets of the country. There, far from the touristic areas, you will enjoy the traditional African life of the little villages.

Less than 2 miles from Dakar lies the island of Goree deeply rooted in the history of the slave trade.

From the beginning of the 16th century to the 19th, men

The former capital of Senegal with the appearance of an old provincial town, Saint-Louis reached its zenith in 1854, when Faidherbe undertook the reunification of Senegal, which was divided into a mosaic of small kingdoms.
  Two hours south of Dakar, lie the endless beaches of the Little Coast. This is the domain of Saly, a beautiful resort which extends over a green park of more than 1,480 acres. Saly has several first class hotels
  A region of contrast where the land and water blend intimately together, Sine Saloum is characterized by its hinterland, the groundnut growing basin of Senegal, and the Saloum delta
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