The former capital of Senegal with the appearance of an old provincial town, Saint-Louis reached its zenith in 1854, when Faidherbe undertook the reunification of Senegal, which was divided into a mosaic of small kingdoms.

Saint-Louis increased in size; it was modernized and made more attractive; but, it soon declined with the expansion of Dakar, favored by its strategic position on the Cap Vert peninsula. Since then, time seems to have

stopped; and, it is with a touch of nostalgia that you will discover Saint-Louis's narrow streets, flanked by fine houses decked with carved wooden balconies and verandas. It was here in these dwellings that the Saint-Louis bourgeoisie used to live.

Not to be missed, are the governor's palace whose architecture reminds us that it used to be a fort; the Faidherbe bridge, originally designed to traverse the Danube, by a curious twist of fate now connects Saint-Louis to the continent - a sort of jetty linking the former times of the first French town of Africa to the old continent with its ancient traditions.

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