It is 5:00 pm, and the fishermen are coming back to shore in their brightly decorated dugout canoes, leaping over the foamy waves. This is the best time to discover Cayar, one of the main fishing villages. On the beach hundreds of men, women and children sell and buy the fresh fish, prawns and lobsters; they haul the canoes or grill the fish right there for a delicious snack.

On the road to Cayar, you don't want to miss Retba, a warm, salty and shallow pink lake. Turning from pink to purple according to the time of the day, it is a magical stretch of water on which everything floats - including people - surrounded by sand dunes and baobab forest. During the week, men and women are busy crushing the bottom of the lake, which consists of a thick crust of salt that they gather to sell. If you choose to visit Retba on a Sunday, make a stop first at the monastery of the Benedictine Fathers at Keur Moussa where mass is celebrated, with Wolof hymns and Senegalese musical instruments, in a chapel decorated with African frescoes.

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