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2012 :Expected
March release of an autobiographical work tentatively called "Forgotten Sun"
April 20th, large scale benefit concert with Youssou Ndour and several other artists for the handicapped and disadvantaged children (with them as the only spectators)

2011 :
Facilitation for Glabocam's submarine cable license in Senegal. Globacom is Nigeria's 2nd telecom operator.
Creation of (Senegal's first economic news website), Senegal's premier jobs website
Publishing of
L'Islam et les pratiques Cultuelles (5th edition)
La longue Marche de la Religion (2nd edition)
Creation of Famosa Senegal for the production and exportation of melons. Famosa is a subsidiary of Agricola Famosa, a Brazilian company and the world's Number One exporter of melons, with more than 100.000 tons of melons produced in 2010 and more than 5000 employees working on several thousand hectares.

2010: Nominated Chairman of the Board of, a French ecology oriented foundation
Organized for the US Government, thru Concert Caravan Productions, the largest musical event ever to take place in Senegal, for the promotion of Peace. More than 70,000 people attended the Peace, Tolerance and Understanding concert at the L. S. Senghor stadium

2009: Facilitation of various investment programs into Senegal

2008: Coordination and organization of the official Prince Georges County (Maryland) Visit in Senegal

Facilitation of a large scale agricultural project of 100 hectares of melon for exportation to Europe with a Spanish firm

Creation of Expanding Senegal, for the training of young Senegalese in the metallurgic industry

Publishing of the book:
“The Long March of Religion: from Abraham to Mohamed”

2007: Senegal's Tourism Expo in Atlanta and New York, producer
2007, Orange VIP Launch Event, Consultant
2007: Participation in Indiana Black Expo, producer
2007: African Gender Awards with President Paul Kagame, event coordinator
2007: Organization of the Senegalese Housing Exhibit in France, producer
2006: Sonatel Awards, event coordinator
2006: Organization of the Senegalese Housing Exhibit in Spain, producer
2005: African Gender Awards with Presidents Wade and Thabo Mbeki, event coordinator
2004: Organization of various art exhibits in Senegal for plastic artists, producer
2002: Founding in Dakar of SIPA: International Company for the Promotion of the Arts and Industry of Senegal
SIPA organized the Senegalese Caravan of 100 people to the 2002 World Cup Football in ASIA (Japan and Korea)
In that group were the National Ballet of Senegal “La Linguère”, artisans and
various artists
This was organized in collaboration with the Ministries of Tourism, Culture,
Handicrafts, Industry and Sports

1999:  Member of the Board of Directors of BHS, Inc (Behavioral Health Services) in Los Angeles for 3 years
BHS regroups 13 hospitals in California.

1999: Nominated First Vice-President, Foreign Affairs Commission at the Senate. 

1998: Elected Senator of the Republic of Senegal, representing the Senegalese Diaspora: USA, ASIA, Middle East

1995: Founding of African Capital Group in Dakar and Los Angeles to promote business investments between African economic operators and American, European and Asian investors. ACG also produces and promotes cultural exchange programs and music events

1990-1999: Negotiations Director for Professional Consultation Services in Los Angeles, including claims settlements with large insurance companies

1984-1990: California Travel Consultant, working on marketing incentive and convention travel

1976-1984: Director of promotion for Senegalese Tourism office in New York

2000-2001 Diplomacy and Strategic studies at CEDS Paris, Dakar Center
1995-1998: American Literature at California State University at Northridge, Los Angeles
1979-1984: Marketing Management at Bernard Baruch College in New York
1977-1979: Business Administration at Manhattan Community College in New York

Associative Memberships

- Senegalese Association of Los Angeles
- Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce
- American Actors Union (Screen Actors Guild)
- American Association of Black Professionals  
- American Chamber of Commerce in Senegal
- Senegalese Federation of Pool Players

Personal Achievements:

From 1997 to 2008, creation of various websites (tourism and general information) (tourism and general business information) (singles/dating) (jobs) (housing) (economic news) (ecotourism and national parks)

*** Voice over for several movies and series: Tarzan, Babe, A Pig in the City, Mohamed Ali, Congo, the “X Files” etc

*** Voice and words on two of Stevie Wonder’s songs: “Send one your love” and “A seed is a star” in the album “The Secret life of Plants”

2006: Elected President of the National Federation of Pool Players in Senegal
2005: Board Member of the Senegalese Association of Franchising
2002: Publishing of books and organization of art exhibits
2001: Board Member of One Wish Foundation with Chapters in Los Angeles and Tokyo

1998: Elected Senator of the Republic of Senegal, representing the Senegalese Diaspora: USA, ASIA, Middle East
1997: Creation of the first website on Senegal with economic, tourist and cultural information,



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